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As per our Constitution and the Brown Act everything we do during our meeting is to be transparent. To do that we have to post an agenda for our weekly Friday meeting 3 days in advance. During the meeting detailed notes are taken to create minutes. Minutes are overviews of what happened in the previous meeting. All these documents filed in the A.S.G. and are open to the public.


If you'd like to add an item to the agenda please fill out a Fund or Non-fund related form. All agenda items to be requested are due by Monday at 4:00pm. If they are turned in later the agenda item will be pushed back to the next week we meet.

All forms will be posted here for your convenience.

On this page, we'll also have records of weekly reports submitted from A.S.G. member themselves.


If you have any questions come by our office in the M- building.

-Matilde Gutierrez

 Executive Secretary 

Our Constitution           

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Questions on any procedures? Check in with us!

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